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TANZANIA Golf Union was founded in 1950 to promote the interests of the game of golf but also to control the affairs and activities of all golf clubs in Tanzania.

The TGU’s executive Committee consists of five office bearers plus 18 nominated members. The office bearers – the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, the Competitions Secretary and Handicap Secretatery are elected every two years at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the union’s constitution. The President may only hold office for a maximum of four consecutive years (two terms).The 18 executive members are nominated by their respective affiliate clubs.

The executive committee, together with the full time Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director of the union, meet twice a year in March and September, during the playing of the Amateur Championship and the Inter-Provincial Tournament respectively. The union is affiliated to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and by its Constitution it is bound by the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status.

The TGU is currently home to seven member clubs namely Misenyi Golf Club, Morogoro Gymkhana, Arusha Gymkhana, Moshi Gymkhana, TPC Moshi, Dar es Salaam Gymkhana and TPDF Lugalo Golf Club.

At the onset, The TGU was driven by the following objectives: –

  • To act as the national representative of all golfing clubs
  • To promote the interest of golf in the country
  • To control Amateur Golf in Tanzania
  • Promotion of the game and maintaining the international standards of the game in the country.

Tanzania Golf Union has the goal to: –

  • Maintaining a uniform men’s handicapping system,
  • Maintaining and upholding the Rules of Golf and acting as arbitrator in disputes regarding rules and their interpretations.
  • Control, management and organization of all open Amateur Golf Championship events. 


We at TGU admit that 'one never becomes a doctor or a lawyer in a calm den. 'it all boils down to a lot of hard work, patient and prerseverance. That is why we continue to build Tanzania golf without a stop. the many challenges notwithstanding, We have a long way to go; and have to beat all odds with power and zeal.

Joseph Tango
Chairman TGU

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