Tanzania prepares for EA Golf Challenge 2016 – Team Goes to Camp Oct 17 with Dar Gymkhana Dominatining the preliminary list

Out of 14 hopefuls, only nine will make the cut for the 2016 edition of EA Golf Challenge scheduled for Ethiopian Capital Addis on October 25th. Tanzania’s most capped Abbas Adam takes a top seat in the preliminary list as governing body TGU gears to re-establish her golf credentials at the EA and Central Level. Under team coach Hassan Kadio, the team of 14 goes to camp each hoping to make the cut. One would not sound mean to underline that Past participation have produced average performance. However, TGU Chairman Joseph Tango feels Tanzania is now ready to compete when he says:

“We are ready. We have young players that look more energetic than yester – years. The situation on ground looks more promising this year. I personally belief we will give this year’s competition a real go. Its a competition though. However much we would like to promise, we must remain optimistic. I am sure the players will fight. That’s why we look forward to a great performance.”

Tango reaffirms Dar Gymkhana’s cntinued domination but is quick to that other clubs are quickly catching up: “Ofcourse Dar Gymkhana Club has more players. But you will note that other clubs are also coming up. Lugalo, Arusha, Moshi…. Just to name a few. We are investing for the future. Tanzania Golf is in a sky-ward spiral. The beautiful thing is that all clubs are supporting our investment in youth. We are confident for a bigger performance beginning this year.”