Season 2016: TGU Committed to junior development

TGU donation 211

TANZANIA Golf Union launched the 2016 golf season in style following a one-week motivational golf tour by R & A based PGA Golf Pro Norman.

Norman, accompanied by host Joseph Tango, TGU Chairman, spent an enterprising seven days in the woods, contacting training for local pros and junior athletes.

The tour that started at the friendly TPDF Lugalo Golf Course with distribution of golf kits for the Lugalo Junior Golf Academy extended through Dar es Salaam Gymkhana in a training session for coaches before growing wings in Moshi and Arusha where more junior development projects are located.

Chairman Tango beliefs that the junior golf foundation that was launched three years ago needed more commitment at local level and the arrival of the international golf pro was timely considering the stakes ahead.

Tango says: “Our desire is to play competitively from junior level. We have noted that the prospects remain high if we start early and it was nice to host Norman who generously energized our otherwise glowing project. We will step up local empowerment in coaches and golf equipment along-side organizing regular tournaments for our juniors. TGU remains committed to this course and we hope we can attract corporate support.”