IN its reach agenda designed to advance the game of golf to the underprivileged youth, the Tanzania Golf Union launched an ambitious junior golf foundation program with intend to offer everything a junior golfer needs to continue and speed improvement, step into tournament and achieve better tournament results.

The Union’s board was motivated by the increasing enthusiasm for the swing and sought to reach at least 2000 youth around the nine affiliate clubs especially those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the power of the swing. The benefiting clubs included Dar Gmkhana Club, Lugalo Golf Course, Moshi Club, TPC Moshi, Kilombero Golf Course, Misenyi Golf Club, Mufindi Golf Course, Arusha Gymkhana and Morogoro Gymkhana Club.

The TGU was aware that provision of proper equipment was big part of the game.  Equipment that suit individual game and body type as well as meet individual training goals was identified as part of the process. And the first activity during the launch was distribution of golf kits to the nine clubs.

TGU underscored was inspired to supporting programs that foster the exposure of the game of golf and its inherent values of integrity, sportsmanship and self discipline to young players. Indeed, this was the first step towards unearthing golf talent. The program mainly emphasized on the TGU efforts to provide learning opportunities for beginners, with special focus on needy kids.

Today, coaching focus on fitness and tournament preparation. Sports psychology has also been included in the fitness programs and training covering all aspects of the full swing: woods, irons, wedges and situational shots – knock down, high ball flight, fades and draws. Training programs also but extensively cover technique in putting, chipping, pitching and sand play.

Most important is the sole focus on good performance in academics, the rules of the game and proper, accepted golf etiquette.  Junior athletes needed to grow with the game and are therefore exposed to all rules. Additional time is spent covering and learning the most common rules situations and the proper procedure when a rules situation comes into play.

Kids from all walks in Tanzania have been invited to join training at the nearest club in the belief that there is more to the game of golf than just the perfect swing!