Welcome to Golfing Tanzania

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the Tanzania Golf Union Website. It is an informative arena designed to update, but mainly offer a platform for quality networking and interaction for golfers, sponsors, and golf enthusiasts across Tanzania and beyond the borders.

Although our major focus is to grow junior golf programs in the country, We belief that golf is more than swinging the swing. We are aware that the game of golf is a great avenue for promoting a healthy living. Over and above, Golf is a place where players and enthusiasts across the board can engage in building successful business connections. The game itself creates an interactive avenue for players and sponsors to share in health, business and networking.

It is in golf where corporate companies increase brand awareness by associating themselves with events of less clutter that extensively harness a targeted group of client base. Still business people expose themselves to prospective clients and discover good neighbors in golf development as players discover the adventures of a good golf that the swing can provide.

Again, only a golf course provides a full family package where everyone can hit the links in an Indian file. In golf, No one is left behind!

And of course the employer, employees and customers cement their strong bond within four hours of golf discovery. In fact, given golf’s continued growth and popularity, golf outings and golf related activities have become an effective way for many companies to bring their sales teams, customers, prospects and partners closer together.

Whether you want to play in the popular Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club or discover more golf away from the hustles of the city at Misenyi Golf Course, the TGU can organize a whole package on just one call.

Stay Healthy, Invite your Friend, Play Golf, Enjoy The Swing!